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For over 18 years of experience in this field and being the best eye hospital in Pune, we have been a part of more than 210,000 smiles. We also offer pre-Lasik Counselling which helps us to correctly assess and confirm your candidacy for Lasik surgery using advanced diagnostic technology. Our experienced team has changed the way Lasik Eye Surgery in Pune used to be done before, using cutting-edge facilities and ensuring quality total eye care both for basic and advanced diagnostic tests & surgeries.

Eligibility for Pre -Lasik Counselling

  • Should be of age 18 years and above
  • Have a stable vision for a year prior to the procedure
  • Should be free of certain diseases of the cornea and retina
  • Should be in general good health
  • Pregnant /nursing woman is not eligible for Lasik surgery

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Lasik in Pune

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Qualified Doctors

Expert vision correction provided by highly qualified and world-renowned surgeons. Experience is crucial in selecting a surgeon. You need someone who knows not only the basics but who has also encountered special cases and has dealt with them successfully.

Modern Equipment

Laser and surgical techniques and diagnostic equipment are continually changing and Aakash Eye Clinic is on the bleeding edge of these enhancements, as our ophthalmologists are frequently associated with the research that conveys these advances to the world. We also house the latest Nidek Technology.

Individual Approach

Individualize your care to your unique needs and goal. Our whole group is focused on offering you the best-individualized care conceivable, including extraordinary medical and surgical outcomes in a compassionate and caring environment.

Compassionate treatment

Provide the least stressful, most comfortable, patient-friendly treatment. We don’t pressurize patients to have surgeries or medical procedures at the very moment; we examine every patient’s needs and challenges and offer choices to enhance vision for their day to day activities.

Meet Dr. Vitthal Satav

Dr. Vitthal Satav, a founder of Aakash Eye Clinic & Laser Center, is regarded as one of the best eye specialist in Pune with a legacy of innovation and excellence over 18 years of experience as Consulting Eye Surgeon. Being the best eye specialist Dr. Satav has done over 12,000 Laser Vision Corrections and advanced cataract lens implant Surgeries.

He is an expert in laser vision correction, refractive lens exchange, and cataract surgery. He is also specialized in Refractive surgeries like ASA, Bifocal, multifocal, toric and extended depth IOL, ICL, EYEPCL implantation. Book an appointment with Dr. Satav to get an expert opinion for Lasik Surgery

lasik in pune

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