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Lasik checkup in pune

Get ready for wonderful outcomes of Lasik Surgery. Undoubtedly, we have achieved extraordinary results with Lasik. Here is some information for Lasik candidate.

Top LASIK Questions asked by almost every patient !

  • Does LASIK Wear Off? —Results are often permanent with minor changes over time.
  • Is LASIK Comfortable? —LASIK is usually a nearly painless procedure lasting 10 or so minutes per eye.
  • Is LASIK Safe? — Lasik is safe, effective and FDA – approved since 1991 & is a very common procedure performed now a days.

Benefits of LASIK Surgery

• Speedy Results

Ambulatory procedure

Surgery on each eye only takes a few minutes.

Within days, patients see results.

• Freedom from Eyewear

After surgery most people achieve 20/20 vision.

Glasses & contacts are not needed for daily life.

Future Expenses Avoide, no more investing on spectacles and lenses.

LASIK vision improvement is permanent.

No need for glasses or prescription updates.

What our patients say about Lasik !


I had been using spectacle since last 16-17 years. When I was about to go outing or driving two wheeler in rainy season then spectacle was of no use. So I was desperately wanted to got freedom from specs using lasik. My family doctor referred me to Aakash Eye Clinic. So I did my lasik here. It was the wonderful experience with them, they explain everything before lasik. Dr. Vitthal Satav did my lasik operation. You cannot believe that but just after lasik I realized that I able to see much clearly and after 24 hours I got totally clearer vision which is 6/6 without specs. I didn’t face any issue during my surgery.
Dr. Vitthal and Seema Satav both and their staff are experienced, humble and professional. I recommend all who wanted freedom from glasses can 100% prefer this clinic.

Amit Desai

“I was operated with Lasik surgery, it was an amazing experience, was bit scared initially but Dr.Vitthal Satav and Dr. Seema Satav and their staff made me comfortable and it was a very good experience with Akash eye clinic.
All staff is very co-operative and responsive.

Madhavi Saraskar

Every time preferred doctor for eye and LASIK surgery. All staff is friendly and cooperative,almost everyone. Dr Satav is brilliant and and the best surgeon and having a hands on experience. Dr Seema Satav is very friendly and guided us until and post surgery. They take follow up on calls also and really cares about their patients

What shoud anyone know before you opt for Lasik Surgery ?

  • Know your surgeon first

Lasik requires a good surgery skills. Experienced eye specialist is a 1st recommendation.

  • Ask your eye specialist

Surgery cost, recovery time, risks, and aftercare so that you will be aware of everything and there will be no confusion.

  • You will not sleep during surgery

Lasik is outpatient surgical procedure, you will be discharged within 1 or two hours of time after your surgery. So make sure you take a good rest a day before.

Avoid surprises and ask question on Lasik to your eye specialist !

Wish you happy healthcare from Aakash Eye Clinic & Laser Center ( Pune )

We offer free consultation on Lasik. If you have any sort of question on Lasik, feel free to ask in a chat window below. We specialize in Customized Lasik, SBK Lasik & Standard Lasik. Go Lasik with a best Lasik Surgeon in Pune at Aakash Eye Hospital Pune.