18 Sep
Digital Eye Strain Causes & Prevention
Digital Eye Strain Causes & Prevention
Category: Eye Care
An unhealthy work-life balance and extended hours of Work From Home causing dryness and digital eye strain? Here’s a small read about its prevention and care. The invention of C...
11 May
eyecare in COVID-19
COVID-19: How to take care of your eyes?
Category: Coronavirus, Eye Care
COVID-19 has been declared as a global pandemic. There are a lot of eye-related questions which will run in your mind: How to protect your eyes?, How to tell if you need to see ...
30 Sep
Lasik Surgery
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13 Aug
Lasik checkup in pune
Lasik Know How
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30 Apr
Signs Of Eye Stye
Category: Eye Expert Advice
Signs of Eye Stye are:- A bump near the edge of the eyelid that is red, swollen, hot, and very tender. You need to contact a doctor if : 1)The swelling does not subside within a...
14 Jan
Glaucoma treatment in pune
Eye Specialist’s Advice on Glaucoma Disease
Category: Eye Expert Advice
A few days ago, my friend, Dinesh, called to inform me that his father who stays in the village had undergone a routine eye check-up, and was diagnosed with Glaucoma. This was v...